Roof Sounds and When You Should Contact a Roofing Contractor

Most roofing issues are noted due to the poor appearance of the roof. However, sometimes you may notice that something is wrong simply by the noise your roof makes. There are a few distinct noises that should be addressed by a professional, so contact a roofing contractor for an inspection if you hear one of the following things. Slapping Sounds If strong winds commonly come bristling through your area, then you may hear a telltale slapping sound during a wind gust.

Roof Repairs Before Damage Leads To Leaks And Water Problems

Damage to roofs is often only on the surface, and the leaks start as it wears and gets worse. Inspecting your roof will help locate these problems before they cause leaks and issues with water damage. The following roof inspection advice will help you identify problems before they cause leaks and serious water issues in your home: Wind Damage that Goes Unnoticed—The problem with asphalt shingles is that the damage due to wind and wear often goes unnoticed.