Roof Sounds and When You Should Contact a Roofing Contractor

Most roofing issues are noted due to the poor appearance of the roof. However, sometimes you may notice that something is wrong simply by the noise your roof makes. There are a few distinct noises that should be addressed by a professional, so contact a roofing contractor for an inspection if you hear one of the following things.

Slapping Sounds

If strong winds commonly come bristling through your area, then you may hear a telltale slapping sound during a wind gust. This sound is often heard as the wind speeds up and then slows down. Unfortunately, this is a sign of shingle lift. The shingles are lifted by the wind during the strong upward gust and they fall back down against the roof with a slap when the wind speed and strength reduces. 

Worn and old shingles are more susceptible to lift, and once they start to lift up from the roof deck, they can bend and tear. Once you start hearing the slapping noise, you may see small or large shingle pieces that have torn and blown off onto your lawn. 

A roofing contractor will likely advise for a shingle replacement ASAP. This will prevent water, leak, and extensive and widespread wind damage.

If high winds are a concern, then ask about shingles that are able to withstand high wind forces. A number of different factors are taken into account when it comes to wind speed and what you may need to protect your home. Your contractor can help to determine which class of shingle is needed in relation to these factors. 

Popping and Creaking Sounds

It is fairly normal to hear creaking and popping sounds coming from your home, and the majority of these noises come from your roof. These sounds are typically settling noises that are caused by thermal expansion. The sun is responsible for the expansion, and as the beams and rafters cool, they contract. Both expansion and contraction will create a sound.

While the sounds are normal, they may also be a sign of a serious roofing issue. This can be noted most often when the noises become loud or if you hear them when ice and snow have piled on top of your roof. These are signs of a structural issue where the roof may not be capable of withstanding the weight load. 

You should contact your contractor for a full inspection of the roof. Reinforcement of the roof may be necessary, and you may also need a system to relieve pressure and stress, like a roof heating system to prevent ice buildup.