Roof Repairs Before Damage Leads To Leaks And Water Problems

Damage to roofs is often only on the surface, and the leaks start as it wears and gets worse. Inspecting your roof will help locate these problems before they cause leaks and issues with water damage. The following roof inspection advice will help you identify problems before they cause leaks and serious water issues in your home:

  • Wind Damage that Goes Unnoticed—The problem with asphalt shingles is that the damage due to wind and wear often goes unnoticed. The wind damage to your roof can happen during storms, but it can also be caused by wind during sunny weather. The problem is that this wind damage can go unnoticed and leak when it does rain. You want to look for some of the signs of wind damage, which include:
    • Tabs tearing
    • Missing shingles
    • Raised shingles and roofing materials

Look for these signs of wind damage on your roof that need to be repaired before it rains, and leaks cause water damage inside your home.

  • Roof Wear and Water Traps that Need Repairs—Water traps on your roof can cause serious problems with wear that eventually causes leaks. Therefore, you want to identify areas where there are excessive runoff and problems with water traps. These areas need to be repaired to stop leaks and damage to your home. The excessive runoff problems can also be addressed with minor improvements to the roof structure to divert water and prevent wear in these areas.
  • Nails and Fasteners that cause Punctures—There are nails and other fasteners that hold roof decking, moisture barriers, and shingles in place. Over time, the nails and other fasteners can work loose and punctured shingles. This is a common cause of leaks and water damage. Therefore, one of the problems that you will want to address when looking for damage to your roof is punctured shingles. Repairing the punctured shingles can help prevent serious problems with leaks and water damage in your home.
  • Damaged Flashing and Boots that Cause Leaks—Other areas where there may be wear that causes leaks are flashing and boots. Theses areas can have problems with nails, fasteners, and flashing materials decaying. Therefore, you want to check all the mechanical boots and areas with flashing for signs of wear.

Damage to your roof can be repaired before it causes wear, leaks, and costly issues with water. If you need help dealing with the damage before it gets worse, contact a roof repair service to fix these issues before wear causes leaks.