4 Reasons To Consider A Roofing Replacement Before Putting Your Home Up For Sale

If you're going to put your home on the market in a few months, you're probably making repairs so your home is in good shape and appealing. Don't forget about your roof. The condition of a home's roof often makes a big difference to home buyers since no one wants to be stuck with the expense of putting on a new roof or making repairs right after they buy a house. Here's why you may want a roofing contractor to inspect your home before it goes on the market and put a new roof on if it's needed.

1. A Potential Buyer Will Have An Inspection Done

Part of the home-buying process includes having a home inspection that includes a roof check. If something is wrong with the roof, the inspector will catch it and note it on the inspection report the buyer receives. If your roof needs to be replaced, that could indicate the roof has been neglected, and that might scare the buyer off and cause the sale to fall through. It's better to know the condition of your roof upfront so you'll know what the inspector is likely to find.

2. A Potential Buyer May Not Get A Loan Due To A Bad Roof

An old or bad roof might keep certain buyers from qualifying for a mortgage. The mortgage lender gets a copy of the inspection report too, and if it appears your home will need a new roof within a certain amount of time, the mortgage lender may not approve the loan. This may not happen with every type of mortgage or with cash buyers, but a bad roof might shrink the pool of potential buyers for your home.

3. A New Roof Adds Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important when you sell your home. If your home looks ugly from the street, buyers may not even stop to look at your house. New roofing is more attractive than old roofing, especially if your old roof has streaks from algae. Algae makes your roof look old and in bad shape even though the shingles may be fine. Look at your home through the eyes of a potential buyer to determine if your roof is an eyesore or attractive.

4. New Roofing Can Add Value To Your Home

You probably won't get back the full amount of money you pay for a new roof, but you'll get back some since a new roof adds value compared to old roofing. Plus, a new roof is an enticing selling point. Buyers would probably prefer a home with a new roof so they don't have to deal with the process of a roof replacement or a roof that needs repairs. 

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