Problems With Your Roof? Signs You Need A Replacement

If you've got a couple of missing shingles, you can probably repair your roof. Repairs are a good way to extend the life of your residential roof. But, after a while, repairs won't solve the problem. When that happens, you need to invest in a roof replacement. Roof replacements can get costly. But, replacing your roof protects your home and your family. If you're not sure it's time for a roof replacement, read the list below. If you're dealing with any of the issues described here, call a roofing contractor. It's time to replace your roof. 

Plywood Sheeting Has Rotted 

If you found some spongy spots the last time you walked on your roof, call a roofing contractor right away. Those spongy spots are a sign that the plywood sheeting has rotted on your roof. You might not know this, but plywood sheeting is the main roofing structure in your home. It's what holds the roofing material in place. If the plywood has rotted, you're at risk of a roof collapse. That's why you need to replace your roof as soon as the plywood starts to rot. 

Significant Hailstone Damage 

If you've had a hailstorm blow through town, now's the time to inspect your roof. Hailstones can do a lot of damage to your roof. That's especially true if your roof is hit with hailstones the size of golf balls or bigger. Hailstones can break through the outer layer of your roof. When that happens, the stones can damage the plywood sheeting. If you found large hailstones in your yard after a storm, call a roofing contractor right away. You may need to get your roof replaced. 

Leaks Throughout the Roof

If you've got one or two leaks in your roof, a roofing contractor can patch the problem areas. If you've got leaks throughout the roof, don't try to patch the problem. Over time, those leaks can get worse. Plus, the moisture can cause your roof to rot. Avoid the patchwork effect. Have your roofing contractor replace the roof. 

Failed Insurance Inspection

If your roof failed an insurance inspection, call a contractor as soon as possible. Once your home fails an insurance inspection, the company can cancel your policy. If that happens, you'll have a hard time buying a new policy. That's why you need to replace your roof. As soon as you provide proof that your roof was replaced, you can get a new insurance policy.

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