Have Water Marks On The Ceiling In Your Home Where The Roofing Creases Are? Get An Inspection Right Away

If you have water leaking through the roof of your home and you can see that there are watermarks in the same areas where there are seams in the roof, the problem could be the flashing. You want to contact a roofing leak repair contractor right away.

The water could not only be leaving marks on the ceiling but causing mold and mildew to spread throughout the home and weakening the structure. Here are some things to discuss with the roofing repair team.

Cracked Flashing 

Flashing is the metal that is installed under the shingles of your roof, at the joint seams, and is supposed to create a water-resistant barrier. Flashing that is exposed on the roof will look like sheet metal, and concealed flashing will have a coating of rubber.

If this is cracked, then water gets through to the base of the roof and be causing water problems in your home. These joints are often sealed with asphalt. The asphalt will separate from the roof and deteriorate over time.

Attic Damages

You need to inquire about attic damage. If water has leaked through the roof, then you may have a water problem in the attic, along with mold. The attic may need new wood, and the wood that is the base of the roof may need replacing. Ask about repairing the attic, insulating the attic properly for leak prevention, and checking the ventilation system for condensation concerns.

Shingle Replacement

If there has been water leaking to the flashing, it's likely there are damages to the roofing shingles as well. You will want to ask how many areas of the roof need new shingles, and what the cost will be for repairs.

If there are several areas where the shingles are damaged, and total shingle replacement is needed, be sure to upgrade and improve your shingles. Get quotes for a cool roofing shingle material, so you can improve your home's energy efficiency while you get new shingles.

You can't ignore watermarks on the ceiling in your home. After the roof has been repaired, you will want to have the ceiling painted with a bacterial-killing agent, and then a white ceiling coat after.

Talk with more than one certified roofing contractor to see two different quotes. The quotes should include what the cause of the leak is, how to fix it, and a breakdown of costs for materials and labor.

To find out more, contact residential roof leak repair services today.