2 Signs The Membranes On Sections Of Your Home's Roofing Shingles Are Worn

As long as you do not see any bare wood on your roof and have found no leaks in your home, you may believe that your home's shingled roof is in good condition. However, even individual shingles can become worn and damaged, especially the top surfaces' membranes.

When the membranes become worn, the shingles will lose their ability to repel water, which can lead to leaks. Below are a couple of signs that you should be on the lookout for that indicate that the membranes are worn and need the attention of a roofing repair professional.

1. Surfaces of the Shingles Have a Shiny Look to Them Because the Granules Have Fallen Off

One sign that the membranes of some of your roof's shingles are worn out is when they take on a shiny appearance. As part of the membranes' construction, tiny granules are embedded in the material, adding an extra layer of protection for the shingles.

If these granules fall off, the membranes become exposed and are likely already damaged or deteriorating. Because the granules are missing, the exposed membranes will be fully visible and the shingles will take on a shiny appearance. If you notice the change in the shingles' appearance and start finding the granules around your home, you should have a roofer closely examine them to see if some of the shingles need replacing.

2. Tops of the Shingles Have Started to Bubble Because Moisture Is Getting under the Membrane

Another sign that the shingles' membranes are worn and have already sustained damage such as tiny tears is when bubbles start to form on the surfaces of the shingles. Normally, the membrane is tightly adhered to the shingles, keeping both water and air away from them.

However, if the membranes start deteriorating or sustained impact damage, the openings created will allow moisture to build up. Because this moisture becomes trapped and is in constant contact with the shingles themselves, they will start to deteriorate quickly if a roofing repair professional does not take care of them.

If the tops of a portion of your roof's shingles appear shiny and have tiny bubbles forming on the surfaces, the membranes are worn and already showing signs of damage. Without intact membranes, they are unable to fully shield your home from water, which will result in leaks if professional repairs are not done. As soon as you notice these signs, contact a business that offers residential roof repair services to have them inspect the affected areas so that the bad shingles can be replaced.