Metal Is A Durable And Eye-Pleasing Choice In Commercial Roofing You May Want To Consider

If your commercial building has enough of a slope to it, metal roofing could be a good choice since it is durable for commercial operations and attractive for shops and professional buildings. Here's why metal is a good type of commercial roofing to consider.

Some Styles Are Watertight

Since commercial buildings often have flat or low-sloped roofs, it's important for the roofing material to be watertight. There are a few styles of metal roofing, but the standing-seam double-locked panels are best suited for low-sloped roofs. That's because the seams lock together and then they're bent over twice. This makes it very difficult for water to penetrate the seam.

Plus, the fasteners that hold the panels to the roof are under the seams so they're protected from rain. The way these panels are designed and put together makes them a good choice for roofing that needs to be watertight.

Other styles of metal panels have screws that are exposed to the sun and rain, so they have a risk of leaking as the roof ages. Plus, the seams aren't locked together in some panels, and that makes them riskier to use on flat or low-sloped roofs.

Metal Is Difficult To Damage

Steel is much thicker than membrane roofing that's also used on flat roofs. Membranes can puncture fairly easily, but metal is much more durable. Metal isn't damaged by pests either, which is helpful since birds and squirrels sometimes enjoy resting and playing on flat roofs.

The increased durability means there should be fewer repairs you have to pay for over the years and a lower risk of a roof leak. Plus, metal roofs can last for decades.

Metal Roofing Adds Curb Appeal

Standing-seam metal roofing has an attractive appearance no matter what color it is due to the smooth surface and standing seams. These roofs come in a lot of vibrant solid colors, so your commercial building can have an attractive and distinctive appearance.

You might want an orange, blue, or red roof. You might find a color that matches your company colors or that fits in well with the type of business you run. The color you choose for your roof plays an important role in the curb appeal of your property since it becomes part of your building's exterior color theme.

Your commercial roofing contractor can explain each type of commercial roofing option that's suitable for your building. When you know the pros and cons of each type as well as the cost, you can make an informed decision and feel confident you made the best choice in commercial roofing for your building. 

For more info, contact a local commercial roofing contractor