Find Rotting Wood And Shingles At The Base Of Your Roof? What To Know

If you can see that the wood at the base of your roof is rotting and damaged, and the gutters are tearing away from the wood, you are in desperate need of repairs. Rotting and damaged wood not only leads to problems with the structure of the roof, but also with the home.

Roofing Inspection

You first need to get a thorough roof inspection to see what condition your roof is in, not just the wood and shingles where you can see damage. The roofing contractors should be inspecting the following:

  • Shingle condition
  • The base of the roof
  • Ventilation components
  • Downspouts and gutters
  • Possible pest damages

Since your roof is exposed to the elements every day, like wind, precipitation, and the sun, it will deteriorate over time. The inspection should show where the roof is compromised, and where it needs to be repaired.

Wood Replacement

Any rotting or flawed wood on the home needs to be replaced quickly, especially if there is rotting wood supporting the roofing structure. Rooting wood is weak, can create mold and mildew problems throughout the roof and attic, spread to the home, and attracts pests.

Get an estimate to have any and all damaged wood replaced before starting other repairs on the roof. This may mean a lot of labor, but this is what must be done to protect your property.

Partial Shingle Repair Options

You can save costs by only replacing the damaged shingles around the rotted wood and the shingles that are damaged. You will have to look at the inspection and see what percentage of the roof needs shingle replacement.

If your roof is decades old, it may be a better investment to have all the shingles replaced while the contractors are working on the home. Look at the new energy-efficient asphalt shingles available to improve your home.

To prevent future fears and worry about leaks around the base of the roof and around the wood that frames your roof, you may want to have foam insulation sprayed throughout the attic. This way you can keep moisture out, and shield problems like mold or pests from coming into your home.

If the wood is rotting around the soffits, you most likely have rotted wood around any chimney flashing as well. Get more than one roofing inspection and go through the details of all so you can compare the work that is needed and the cost to have that work completed.

To get started, contact a roof replacement service in your area.