Common Errors During The Installation Process That Makes Foam Insulation Less Effective

Insulation is an important part of your roof. When your roof is not adequately insulated, hot air will escape your home during the winter and cause cold spots in your home. Your HVAC system will need to work harder to be able to keep your home warm. If you do not have enough insulation, an easy way to add more is to use a spray foam roofing system. However, it's important to make sure that you don't make any mistakes when installing it.

Spraying on a Dirty Surface

The surface that will be sprayed with spray foam needs to be clean and warm. If there is too much dirt, debris, and oils, these substances can interfere with the chemical reactions and prevent the spray foam insulation from properly forming.

Installing a Foam Roofing System When It's Too Cold

Spray foam roofing should not be installed when it's too cold outside. You'll need to check the surface that the spray foam is meant to adhere to so you can verify that the surface is suitable for adding foam. 

The foam roofing installation process involves taking two chemicals, polyol and isocyanate, and spraying it through a special gun. The chemicals need to be heated so that they react and expand, forming a rigid and strong material. However, if the surface is too cold, the sprayed chemical won't transform into insulation.

Not Mixing Both Chemicals in Equal Quantities

The two chemicals that are mixed together to create spray foam need to be mixed together in equal quantities. They are kept in two separate containers and come together right before being sprayed out of the nozzle of the gun. If the chemicals are not mixed together in equal quantities, blisters will form and the composition of the spray foam material will be inferior.

Not Repairing Damaged Spray Foam Insulation

After you have installed spray foam roofing, you'll want to inspect the system in the future to identify warning signs of damage. The system should not have cracks, punctures, or visible signs of damage. If you notice any damage, you'll, fortunately, be able to repair it quickly. However, if you don't repair the damage, your home will eventually develop leaks.

Fortunately, spray foam roofing is inexpensive. Once it has been installed, you will save money because you will have lower heating bills. However, you will only see the full benefits of spray foam roofing if you install the spray foam correctly.

For more information contact a local foam roofing system installation service.