Hail Damage Roof Repairs For A Slate Roof With Copper Flashing

If you have a slate roof, it may have survived many hailstorms before that had small hail. If a storm comes through your area that has large hail, your slate roof might be damaged. The older your roof, the more likely damage will occur. Since you may have a slate roof that's many decades old and considered historic, your roofer will probably make repairs when possible so the roof doesn't have to be replaced. Here's a look at hail damage roof repairs for slate tiles.

Involve Your Insurance Agent   

The first step is for a roofer to go on your roof and check for hail damage. You might not be able to see this damage from the yard. The roofer will look for holes and cracked shingles. They'll also check the metal flashing on the roof. Slate roofs often have copper flashing and they can get battered by large hail.

The roofer may take photos or video of your roof so the insurance agent can see the damage and measure how bad it is. This helps the insurance company decide if a roof replacement is needed or if repairs can be done.

Find Replacement Tiles

Your roofer has to select replacement tiles carefully. They need to source the same type of slate and the same size and style so the new tiles will blend in with the old ones as best as possible. Slate tiles that have holes or cracks may need to be replaced entirely because water might seep in and cause the damage to the tile to escalate.

Replace The Tiles That Need It

If the damage to the tiles isn't extensive, your roofer will probably make repairs by replacing only the bad tiles. Slate tiles are layered on top of each other, and they have their own unique installation method. For that reason, you may want to let a contractor replace the tiles rather than attempt it yourself.

The contractor has to lift the upper tiles to pull out the bad one below. The new tile can be slid in place and fastened with a hook. The hook isn't visible from the street and it holds the new tile in place. The contractor might secure the new tile with a nail or adhesive instead.

Replace Copper Flashing

Damage to the copper flashing might just be cosmetic, but if it's noticeable from your yard, you may want the flashing to be replaced so your roof is attractive. Your old flashing may be a green color due to oxidation of the metal, while the new copper flashing will be shiny copper.

You may want to take that into consideration when deciding if you want the flashing replaced. However, if the flashing is damaged, it will need to be repaired or replaced so it doesn't cause a roof leak.

Hail damage roof repairs may be a little different on a slate roof and be more tedious to repair, but it's essential to repair hail damage as soon as possible. If the tiles start leaking, your roof could sustain water damage and need even more extensive repairs.