Hire A Professional To Tear Off Your Old Roof

Is your old roof in need of replacement? While there may be some cases where you would consider installing the new roof on top of the old roof, most professional roofing companies will recommend residential roof tear-off before a new roof is put into place. Here's why you should hire a professional to handle the tear off of your old roof even if you plan on doing some or all of the new installation yourself.

Stay Out of Harm's Way

Tearing off your old roof piece by piece could be dangerous if you don't have the right safety gear or the know-how. When you hire a professional to assist you, you and your family can stay safely down below or inside the house while the work is underway. You don't want to risk a situation where you pull on a shingle too hard and you somehow lose your balance and go flying along with the shingle.

Avoid Unwanted Damage

Another potential problem you could run into if you don't have previous experience with this type of work would be accidentally damaging the wrong thing when you are trying to tear your old roof off. You might end up damaging the insulation under the shingles or if you aren't careful when tossing the old shingles off the roof, you could damage something or someone down below. A professional will know the exact amount of force to use to tear down your roof properly and will be sure to be mindful of what's below when taking the old materials off the roof.

Get Assistance With Disposal

Even if you can tear your old roof off yourself, where are you going to take all of those old shingles or other materials? Your local garbage service might not agree to take these types of things to the local dump. When you hire a roofing professional for assistance with roofing tear-down, they will likely help you haul the materials away for proper disposal so you don't have to worry about it.

Streamline the Process

With no previous experience with this type of thing, you might end up losing your entire weekend or longer to your tear down. That's not ideal because you want the new roof to start going into place as soon as possible. It's not a good idea in other words to leave your house without an intact roof for any significant amount of time as that could leave your home vulnerable to the weather or pests. A professional tear-down service will get things done quickly because they already know exactly what they are doing.

Reach out to a local roofing service for more information