Temporary Roof Storm Damage Repair: Top Tips To Get It Right

In the aftermath of a storm, roof storm damage repair is always a priority. It is critical to act quickly to restore your roof. This is especially true if waiting only puts your roof and home at risk of further damage.

To this end, you will want to carry out emergency and temporary roof storm damage repair. The ultimate goal of these repairs is to make your home more habitable and protect against further damage and theft. 

Follow these few tips when carrying out temporary storm damage repair.

1. Speak to Your Insurer

Your insurance company should ideally cover your roof storm damage repair. Even before taking on any temporary repairs, speak to your insurer and run all the temporary repairs you need to make by them. This is crucial to avoid the unfortunate eventuality of the insurer denying your claim on account of these repairs if they are unauthorized.

2. Don't Wait

The sooner you can get on with the temporary repairs, the better. As already stated, these repairs serve a crucial purpose, and you don't want to wait. Start the repairs as soon as the storm clears and it is safe to do the work.

3. Get Help

You can cover broken windows with plywood or a tarp on your own. You can mobilize other family members to assist with these temporary fixes. However, some cases may require that you call in professionals. For example, if there are gaping holes on your roof through which water is leaking into your home, you should call a roof storm damage repair expert.

4. Document Everything

Take pictures and record videos of all the damage before starting with the temporary roof storm damage repair. This evidence is crucial when an adjuster comes to your home for an inspection and damage assessment. There is no telling how long it will be after you have completed the temporary fixes that the adjuster will come around, so you want to ensure you document the damage well.

Additionally, keep receipts of all the costs incurred to undertake the temporary repair. You will also want to take pictures of your roof and home after the repairs.

In conclusion, you cannot afford not to take care of temporary roof storm damage repair as may be necessary. Get it done right by acting fast, getting professional help when required, and documenting the repairs after consulting with your insurer.

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