Signs Of Hail Damage On A Roof

Your residential roof is the first line of protection against weather elements. As long as the roof on your head is intact, you'll never have to worry about rain, hail, or scorching sun. However, you'll need to repair the roof once it sustains damage from these elements. Surprisingly, hail storms are notorious for damaging roofs. So, which are the signs of hail damage on roofs? Well, here are some.


Roof leaks rarely show immediately after a hail storm. Unfortunately, most homeowners assume that the absence of leaks after a hailstorm means their roof didn't sustain any damage. Well, that's not true. Unless the hailstorm was intense, leaks would only appear if you fail to call roof hail damage repair services. Repairing the damaged sections should help prevent leaks after a hailstorm.


Dents on your roof are another sign you must look for after the storm subsides. You have to look keenly to identify the dents. Some dents are easy to spot, while others are tiny. You'll have to climb the roof to inspect the shingles and flashing for dents. But if you don't feel safe climbing the roof, call roof hail damage services to inspect the roof. You shouldn't ignore the dents as they will develop into holes and cause leaks.

Missing/Cracked Shingles

Do you know that some hailstones are large and heavy enough to break your asphalt shingles? Well, intense hailstorms will leave your shingles in pretty bad shape. Most shingles will crack a bit, depending on the impact of the hailstones. Large hailstones will not only break the shingles but rip them out of the roof. That might explain why your roof is missing some shingles after a hailstorm.

Damaged Gutters

Your roof gutters are not immune from hailstorm damage. And as you know, your gutters are not as strong as the shingles. So, you still need to inspect your gutter system after the storm subsides. The hailstones might cause cracks in the gutters or breaks at the seams. Also, check whether the fasteners and nails holding the gutters are intact. 

Loss of Granules

The final sign you should look for is the loss of granules. Most people assume that their roofs are fine if they don't see the signs discussed above. Well, you still need to check whether the granular layer on your shingles was ruined. Check whether the gutters have small unusual particles in them. You might also spot the granules on your driveway and below your roof.

For more information on roof hail damage services, contact a company near you.