3 Common Metallic Roof Replacement Mistakes and Their Outcomes

Metal roofs are quite popular, and their usefulness cuts across the residential and commercial roofing scene. The technology used to manufacture metallic roofs has also gained some admirable advancements over the past few years. For example, you will get design varieties like standing seam metallic roofs, shake-inspired tile, slate, and corrugated sheets. You can choose the design best suited for your architectural style. However, you will only get the best from your metallic roof when you learn about the most common roofing mistakes and ways to avoid them. 

The Oil Canning Problem

When you install a standing seam metallic roof over your home, the seams should be straight and leveled out throughout the top of the building. However, mistakes in the installation process lead to stress wrinkles on the roof surface, interfering with the esthetic beauty of your structure. They are also likely to be the source of weaknesses and damage as the roof ages. The manufacturing, transportation, and storage process could also result in oil canning. At other times, it happens when the installation stresses the seams beyond their comfort level. A metal roof installation contractor knows ways to avoid such complications. 

The Leaking Roof

It is unusual for a freshly installed roof to leak. However, this can happen because of extreme elements such as strong wind, rain, and heavy snow, and the damage worsens if mistakes are made during the installation process. Some of the errors that could lead to issues with the roof include failed seams, poor fastening techniques, and damage to the flashing. Other errors may include the use of inadequate sealant materials. Competent installation contractors pay attention to fine details during the installation process and ensure it does not lead to leaks. 

The Corroded Surface

People choose superior quality metallic roofs because they defend the home against corrosion. The ideal material should serve you for several decades without damage, especially when you hire a competent contractor to install it. However, mistakes in the roof replacement process can lead to early corrosion. Sometimes, this happens because the roof got an inferior quality coating from the factory. It might also result from saltwater and poorly cut edges. Resolve corrosion immediately once you notice it to avoid losing the entire roof. 

These are issues that could arise after you have installed your metallic roof. Speak to a roofing contractor to avoid these issues. They will help you achieve the quality of roofing you can enjoy for years to come.