4 Reasons To Consider Composite Roof For Your Replacement Project

Composition roofing shingles are among the most popular roofing materials in the market. They offer many benefits that other materials cannot match. If you have a commercial re-roofing project coming up, you should consider composite shingles for the project. Here are some of the benefits of choosing composition roofing material.

1. Your Roof Will Serve You for Decades

Although composite resembles slate, asphalt, or cedar shakes, they come from artificial materials like resin. It makes them resistant to wear and tear caused by the sun, moisture, and other harsh weather conditions. Composition roofs can serve you years when professionally installed. And with proper maintenance, they will serve you for an even longer period. Therefore, they are an excellent yet affordable roofing alternative, especially for expansive commercial buildings.

2. You Get Many Colors and Designs

Composite comes in a wide array of style choices. The suppliers help you get the material whose color matches your desired overall exterior décor. You can select from shades of brown, gray, white, blue, green, and many other colors available.

3. It Does Not Catch Fire Easily

Fire resistance is a quality that you should think about when investing in a roof. Ideally, you should install a roof that will not catch and spread fire if a spark comes flying in the air. The roofs come from fireproof materials. The degree of fire resistance in the roof depends on the manufacturer and the brand. However, all composition roofs generally have an excellent level of fire resistance when compared to other materials like shingles. Composition roofs often get a class A fire-resistance rating, the highest resistance level possible.

4. The Roof Resists Impact

Roofs protect your home from all flying objects. The ability of a roof to resist damage from flying objects, hail, and other elements is called impact resistance. And roofing materials get assigned an impact resistance rating which ranges from class one to class four.  Composition roofs generally have a good impact rating, which means that they can resist damage as a result of hailstones, snow, and flying objects quite well. Impact resistance is a crucial quality because it has a direct effect on the roof's longevity.

Consult roofing contractors about the possibility of installing a composition roof on your commercial property. They will help you get and install a durable, beautiful, and energy-efficient roofing material over your property. And the good thing is that you'll get the value for your money.