Why Roof Flashing Fails

One of the parts of a roof that homeowners often overlook when checking for damage is flashing. Roof flashing protects the areas of a roof that are most prone to damage from wind and moisture. For instance, roof flashing seals the joints between the rest of your roof and chimneys, vents, and skylights. When installed properly, flashing can last decades. But sometimes, flashing fails.

If your roof flashing fails, your roof may then begin to leak on rainy days. Roof flashing fails for a number of reasons, which are outlined in this article.

Improper Installation

One of the most common causes of failing roof flashing is improper installation. This is why you need to hire an experienced and reputable contractor when you need to replace or repair your roof. The best contractors can work with your original build plans to ensure that they use the correct materials and flashing placement. But you also need to be prepared to provide the original build plans.

Another common reason for flashing failure is DIY installation or repair of roof flashing. Because roof flashing is such an important component of a roof, DIY placement is inadvisable. If even a tiny portion of your roof is exposed to the elements by incorrect flashing placement, your roof may begin to leak. Water can damage the internal components of your home.  

Wear and Tear

Typical roof flashing is sturdy and can last many years. But like any material that is exposed to the elements on a daily basis, roof flashing gradually deteriorates over time. For instance, in changing temperatures, roof flashing can eventually wrinkle. These wrinkles then gather water on rainy days, which leads to rust and then later holes that allow water into your roof.

If your flashing looks rusted or stained, then it may be in need of some maintenance. With proper maintenance, your roof flashing will continue to protect your roof and home from moisture.

Foundation Issues

When a foundation suffers from settling issues, then those issues spread upwards. Not only does settling foundation cause cracks to form in buildings, but they also cause roof flashing to pull away from the joints in a roof. If you discover that your home has foundation issues, then consider hiring a roofing contractor to check on the condition of your roof too. Loose flashing can't keep water out.

Roof flashing is a very important part of your roof. Make sure you keep your roof flashing well maintained to keep water, and other things, out of your home throughout the year. Contact a company like Tri-County Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc for more information.