Additional Services Roofing Contractors Provide

Most people are aware to call a residential roofing contractor if they notice shingles falling off their rooftop or if water is getting inside of their home. In addition to these well-known check and repair instances, roofing contractors offer some lesser-known services. Being aware of them is important so you know who to contact if you require repair work of your own.

Consultations And Pre-Renovation Assessments

Before you have a rooftop repaired or replaced, it is wise to contact a residential roofing contractor to conduct an assessment of the situation. You may think that you are dealing with the need for new shingles but actually need new underlying woodwork as well. Roofing contractors will provide you with a consultation before they do any work on your home. This way, you know exactly what to expect when they get to fixing or replacing your roof, as well as any obstacles that may come into play during the process. You will also be given a timeline for the project so you know when you can expect the roof to be completed.

Attic Air Sealing And Ventilation

Roofing contractors not only work on the outside of your home but also provide services regarding your attic. Weatherizing your attic aids in heat retention, thereby helping you save money on heating costs. This process also helps to keep air flowing in your home's main rooms rather than up to the attic level. In addition to checking for leaks in the attic area, a roofing contractor can also help keep ventilation in this room at a proper level. If you have concerns about the efficiency of airflow in your home, a rooftop contractor can help with the right rooftop materials and attic insulation tactics. These go hand-in-hand with keeping your heat or air conditioning flowing and inside of your home where it belongs.

Gutter Inspections And Cleanouts

Some roofing contractors will provide gutter services in addition to rooftop services. Since your gutter system is so close to your roofing materials, it can become compromised if debris on the roof makes its way inside. Gutters need to remain completely free of debris so water can make its way through them to the downspout. It is then redirected away from the home. If gutters are full, water can cause damage to overhanging shingles and other roofing materials. Be sure to inquire about this extra service if your gutters are in need of a cleanout.