5 Upgrades To Install With Your New Roof

It can be tempting to go with the lowest-cost options when replacing your roof, but making investments in a few smart upgrades can pay off over the years. The following are five ways to upgrade your new roof installation.

1. New Underlayment

It's becoming more common to install new asphalt shingles over the old, using the old shingles as underlayment. Unfortunately, this can mean problems like water-damaged decking are overlooked, and these are problems that could potentially carry over to your new roof. Instead, upgrade to a full tear-off of the old shingles and installation and opt to have new weatherproof underlayment installed before the new layer of shingles.

2. Better Flashing

Sometimes the old flashing can be reused, which may save money. This can end up being a false economy in a few years when the flashing begins to wear out and leads to leak damage. Your roofer can install new high-quality flashing at the same time as the shingles, which will end up reducing the chances of flashing leaks around chimneys, vents, and rooftop pipes. 

3. Eave Upgrades

Many older homes have wooden eaves, which need to be repainted periodically and are thus considered high maintenance. Wood eaves are also more prone to rot, as well as to damages from insects and animals. You can upgrade to aluminum or vinyl eaves, which require no maintenance, don't decay or suffer damage easily, and provide superior ventilation compared to old wooden types. The best time to install new eaves is during roof installation since shingles must be removed in the process.

4. Wind Protection

Wind is likely one of the main causes of roof damage. Installing a metal drip edge and adhesive strips underneath the new shingles can prevent damages to the susceptible roof edges. Your roofer can also upgrade to shingles that require more nails and they can use nails better rated for wind resistance. In areas where roof uplift from wind is a major concern, it may also be worth it to have hurricane strapping installed at the same time as the new roof.

5. High-Quality Shingles

Upgrade to laminated shingles from the standard asphalt if you want a long-lasting roof that can better shed moisture. Laminated shingles feature an additional waterproof membrane, which means they are less likely to experience leaks and they are more resistant to weathering damages. Although they cost more initially, they will save you on repair and replacement costs. 

Contact a new roof installation contractor to learn more.