Reasons To Consider Metal Roofing For Your Home

If you want to install a new roof in your home, you may get confused when selecting the roofing material. While asphalt and wood are excellent roofing choices, metal roofing supersedes all other roofs. Here are some reasons for considering a metal roof installation.

Energy Efficient

Metal roof materials are recyclable. That means that you can reuse leftover pieces or damaged metal parts to build a roof. Additionally, metal has a high SRI (solar reflectance index) rating due to its reflective finishing. Thus, metal roofs don't absorb much of the sun's heat. In return, you won't need to cool your home frequently, resulting in low energy bills and expenses.

Eco Friendly

Due to reduced energy consumption, a metal roof saves the environment by reducing the amount of fuel needed for power production. Remember that burning fuel results in carbon emissions that may harm the ozone. Hence, energy-efficient metal roofing lowers these emissions and protects the environment.

Increases Home Value

Installing metal roofing can be expensive as the cost of metal roofs is usually high. However, the roofs last for many years and are hardy with minimal maintenance requirements. Hence, metal roofs increase the value of your house. In return, you can quickly sell your home at a reasonable rate.

Reduces Home Insurance Premium

Also, installing metal roofing can reduce your home insurance premiums since metal isn't prone to fire, wind, and rain damage. However, the insurance may be more expensive since metal roofs cost more for purchase and installation. Therefore, talk to your insurance broker to know how much the premiums will cost.

Fire and Impact Resistant

Metal roofing has a long lifespan and can resist impact and wind damage. Even when strong winds blow, your metal roof will remain strong. Also, metal is fire resistant and protects your family against the dangers of fire outbreaks.

No Need For Roof Replacement

If you already have a roof made of asphalt and you'd want to switch to metal roofing, you don't need to demolish the existing roof. If your local area's building code allows, you can install a new roof on top of the old roof. Or, if you have an existing metal roof that's damaged, you can install a new roof over the old one. That helps you save cash that you'd have used to hire roofing contractors to demolish unwanted existing roofing.

Metal roofs are energy-efficient, durable, and fire- and impact-resistant. Additionally, metal roof installations increase home value and reduce insurance premiums, and installation of the new roof on top of the existing roofing is possible. Consider installing metal roofing for these reasons.