How Long Will My Roof Replacement Project Take?

On average, roof replacement projects last several days to a week. Typically, the contractor will remove the old roof on the first day and install the new roof in a day or so. However, the time spent on roof replacement can vary depending on the following factors.

Complexity and Size of Your Roof 

Roofing a home with less square footage of space will be complete in a day. Larger homes or commercial spaces will take longer to replace the roofs. A house with an Open Gable roof will take less time to replace its roof. The more complex your roof is, the longer it will take to replace it. 


Roofing projects are always at the mercy of the weather. Any time it rains, you'll have to halt the project, especially during storms. Also, during hot summers, roofers take frequent breaks, which can increase the roof replacement time. 

Structural Damage 

Once you take off the existing roof, you'll expose the structure that was holding it together. You can't install a new roof without confirming that the underlying support structure can accommodate it. If the support structures are unstable, or have termite or water damage, you'll need to rebuild them. 

The rebuilding process can be as simple as replacing a few collar beams or as complex as changing the rafters, solid decking, and the felt underlayment. This can take a few days, depending on the complexity of your roof. 

Professional vs. DIY Roof Installation 

A project done as a hobby during your free time will take longer than when done by a professional. A DIY project will likely involve you and a few friends or family members. If you hire roofing contractors, they'll have a team of roofers who will handle everything from removing the old roof and structural reinforcement to installing the new roof. It will take them less time, considering they work as a coordinated team.

Roof Inspection 

After replacing your roof, you'll need to have it inspected to confirm that it is stable and in line with your vision. Check every part of the roof to ensure that you got your money's worth. Direct any issues you find to the roofing contractor before the warranty lapses. 

Overall, a roof replacement project will take a few days. You can allocate about a week to accommodate any delays due to the factors mentioned above. A week might seem like too much time, but it's worth waiting, considering the roof will last several decades. 

For more information about roof repairs, contact a roofing company in your area.