Why Is Your Roofing Estimate More Than You Expected?

When you have roofers out to give you an estimate for a roof replacement, you generally have a rough idea in your mind of how much you're expecting to pay. You may base this idea on what you know friends have paid for their roof or on the prices you've paid in the past. So, if the estimate comes back much higher than expected, you'll probably be pretty shocked. However, there is usually a good reason for the high estimate. Here are a few possibilities.

1. Your roof deck needs repair or replacement

While the shingles are the part of the roof that you see, they are not actually the part that forms the roof structure and makes that roof structure stable. Under the shingles, there is a wooden layer called the roof deck. It is not usually replaced when you have a roof replacement unless it is damaged. It can become rotten and weak if your shingles have been in bad shape for a while and have been letting water leak through. Replacing or repairing the roof deck is a lot more work than simply replacing the shingles, so your estimate will be significantly higher if your roofer believes you need roof deck work.

2. Your roof is really steep

It is a lot harder for roofers to work on a steep roof. They first need to put up some rungs that they can step and walk on so they don't slip off the roof. They also need to wear harnesses, and walking up and down the roof takes more time and effort. Two roofs can be the exact same size, but a roofing company will charge significantly more for a steep roof than for one with a low slope.

3. The cost of materials is high

Since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, the prices of various materials have become more volatile. The price of wood has gone up, and the price of shingles has also increased. So, if your roofer is charging more than you thought they would, it could be because the cost of the materials they plan on using has increased, and they need the price they charge you to account for that.

When your roof estimate comes back higher than expected, it is not usually because your roofer is over-charging. Your roofing job may simply be more demanding than you realized, or the price of materials may be high. Talk to your residential roofing service to learn more about your roofing costs.