5 Signs Your Roofing Needs Repair

Whenever you think about your house, the first thing that possibly crosses your mind is how it helps keep your loved ones safe from various threats and harsh weather conditions. Among the many features that play this vital role is the roof. For that reason, you need to inspect and take care of your roofing to ensure its structural integrity. You should call a roof repair contractor whenever you notice roofing problems. Are you aware of the signs you should look out for? Keep reading to find out. 

1. Broken Shingles

The external surface of your roof bears the brunt of the damage from piled-up snow, the wind carrying over debris, and heavy downpours. Such elements can affect your roof's shingles. Keep in mind that shingles are supposed to maintain their shape at all times, despite exposure to harsh weather. Therefore, you should consult with a roof repair expert if your roofing has curved, dented, or misaligned shingles. Ignoring the problem can make your roofing retain moisture, increasing the chances of mold infestation.  

2. Granules in the Gutters and Drainage Channels

Dislodged pieces of roofing material or granules in the gutter are a warning sign that shouldn't be ignored. A few debris, especially after a heavy downpour, is nothing much to worry about. However, if this happens often, it's advisable to have an expert assess the situation.  

3. Sunlight in the Attic 

Have you noticed streaks of sunlight in your attic lately? This means that your roofing has holes that have gone unnoticed. The openings can make water leak into the attic, leading to mold problems that can compromise the air quality in your home. The high moisture content can also cause wood to rot and interfere with your home's structural integrity. Working with a competent roof repair company can help keep such risks at bay. 

4. Damaged Chimney or Vent Flashing 

Flashing is a crucial roof component found mainly between the seams of chimneys and ventilation vents. Though usually made of waterproof material, it is subject to wear and deterioration due to oxidation and age. If you notice any signs of damage, it is essential to invest in professional roof repair services to address the problem. 

5. Damaged Ridge Line

A ridgeline is the top-most point of the roof, where the two slanted roof surfaces meet. The ridgeline should be well sealed, usually using a cap, to ensure no water seeps through. If this area is damaged or shows signs of weakness, it is time to hire a contractor for roofing repair services.

Taking care of your roof should always be a top priority. With the above information in mind, you certainly know when to contact a trusted residential roofing repair company.