Tips for Keeping Your Shingles in Good Shape With Roof Repairs

Your asphalt roof will probably require repairs occasionally during its life, even if you regularly keep up with maintenance. When your roof gets the repairs it needs, it will maintain a longer life and you'll spare your home from potential extensive water damage. Here are a few tips for getting your roof repaired.

Get Repairs As Soon As You See Damage

The sooner you have roof repairs done, the better it is going to be for your home. Even if your roof has a missing shingle, your roof might not start leaking right away if the underlayment is still in good shape. If you wait, the underlayment may deteriorate due to sun exposure or water may roll where it can drip on the deck. Once your roof starts leaking, the repairs will cost more since the roofer has to repair water damage too.

Hire A Roofer To Do The Repairs

Unless you have experience with home repairs and roofing, and know for sure how to handle roof leaks, it's better and safer to call a roofer to make repairs. Leaks can be tricky since water doesn't always drip from the hole in your roof. Water can roll down the deck and leak in your attic from a much farther distance from the hole. Finding a leak is difficult sometimes, and then repairing it properly may not be as easy as it seems.

Covering up roof damage can allow the deck to continue rotting. Instead, when your roof is leaking, the leak has to be plugged and the water-damaged materials need to be replaced. You might overlook some important steps in the roof repair process if you just replace a damaged shingle when more work is needed.

However, if your roof is leaking and the roofer can't get to you right away, you might make temporary repairs by sealing over a hole or covering the area with a tarp until the roofer can make permanent roof repairs.

Let A Roofer Check Your Roof Occasionally

Some roof damage can't be seen from the ground. While you'll be able to see major issues and shingle problems, things like cracks on rubber boots or loose flashing are harder to detect. Plus, parts of your roof might be hidden from view.

Consider hiring a roofer to check your roof once in a while just to make sure there is no damage. If damage is found, it can be repaired right away, rather than you being surprised by rain dripping from your ceiling later. Even if you have your roof inspected regularly, you'll still want to watch for damage since a single storm could cause minor or major damage to your roof.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a roof repair service near you.