Built-Up Roofing Options To Update Your Business With A New Lightweight Roof

When you want to update the roof of your business, options like built-up roofing systems are a good choice. These materials can be installed on various types of structural designs to provide an efficient and durable roof for commercial structures. The following built-up roof design options are some of the solutions you may want to consider for your business:

Lightweight Roof Decking Materials

The decking materials that are usually used on commercial built-up roofing systems are steel. These are features that can make the roof heavier and can be replaced with lighter modern solutions. You may want to consider options like plywood or a rigid structural sheathing material that weighs less for your project. The use of plywood and other structural sheathing materials is more common in new construction with lightweight structures. These structures need lighter solutions to finish the roof because of their design.

Insulation Layers

The insulation of your roof is another important factor to consider for a built-up roofing system. There are various options for rigid insulated board materials that can be used for an insulating layer of built-up roofing systems. There are also options like spray foam insulation, which can be used to make adjustments to the watershed to improve the drainage of rooftops. Ask your built-up roofing contractor about the best options for insulating layers for the needs of your business.

Moisture Barrier Ply Layer

Built-up roofing systems also have more conventional moisture barrier layers. These materials are usually asphalt felt paper material. The asphalt felt paper provides other functions than a moisture barrier. The texture of the felt paper is also ideal for adhesive bonding agents that need to be applied when installing additional layers to the roof. The asphalt felt paper could be a heavier material than what is commonly used for asphalt shingles on homes.

Final Impermeabile Cool Roof Finish

A built-up roofing system has an impermeable finish. This is the layer that will protect your property from the weather and improve efficiency. A cool roofing system will use a final layer that is lighter-colored to reflect heat during the summer months. The combination of the lighter finish and insulated layers in a built-up system will maximize the efficiency of the roof design. This layer can be a lightweight membrane or spray-on roof coating finish.

The built-up roofing can provide a lightweight and energy-efficient solution for your business. Contact a built-up roofing contractor to discuss these options for replacing your old commercial roofing.