5 Things That Can Affect The Cost Of A Roof Repair

The cost of a roof repair is not set in stone. There are several things that can affect the final cost of a repair, even if it is a small fix.

1. Materials

One of the biggest determining factors of how much a repair will cost is the materials used on the roof. Asphalt shingles are usually the least expensive to repair, since the shingles are relatively low cost and it is simple to match them. Slate and tile roofs can be more expensive if the actual tiles need to be replaced, especially if they are not in a common color. Metal roofs can be inexpensive if they need to be patched, but replacement of a panel or metal tile can be pricier than an asphalt replacement.

2. Roof Pitch

Generally, the steeper the roof pitch the more complicated the repair. This is in part due to the risk to the roofer. A steep pitch may require the use of special equipment to access the damaged area for repairs, such as ladder trucks or safety harnesses. Generally, the gentler the slope, the easier and lower cost the repair, at least when it comes to labor costs.

3. Features

The more things that there are on top of the roof, the more complicated it can be to repair it. Rooftop features can also increase the likelihood of leaks, thus increasing the costs of basic maintenance and repairs. Skylights and rooftop HVAC systems are common causes of roof repairs. Other items, like solar panels, may not damage the roof themselves, but they can make it difficult to access the roof for necessary maintenance and repairs. This can lead to a higher repair cost.

4. Previous Damages

A damaged roof that wasn't repaired properly can cost you money when you do have it fixed the correct way. For example, if a loose shingle was tarred down instead of properly replaced, it can be very difficult to pull it up and properly replace the damaged shingles later if a leak reoccurs. The extra work required can add on to the repair cost.

5. Season

When you schedule repairs can affect the final cost. Winter may come with extra cost because your roofer may need to use special equipment to heat the roof for proper shingle adhesion, or they may need to clear snow in order to work. The time following a  major storm is sometimes pricey simply because you may need to pay more to get a small repair when roofers are in high demand.

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