Is The Useful Life Of Your Residential Roof Over? 3 Signs To Help You Know That It Is In Dire Need Of A Replacement

Your residential roof is probably at the end of its useful life if it is over two decades old. At this point, it may start developing severe problems that may put your family's safety and health at risk. For instance, if your roof is worn out and old, it will expose your family members to severe weather, which will increase the risk of respiratory illnesses. Therefore, if your roof is damaged beyond repair, you should not hesitate to hire a residential roofing contractor to replace it with a new one. The new roof will improve comfort, safety, and energy efficiency in your home. 

Here are three signs to help you know that your residential roof needs a replacement: 

You Experience Widespread Leaking

Widespread leaking is a surefire sign that your residential roof needs a replacement. Repairing widespread leaking may not work, especially if your roof is aged and weak. This problem is hazardous to your home because it will expose your interiors to water damage. For instance, your walls, floors, and furniture will soak in rainwater and get damaged, leading to huge losses. Moreover, if your roof is extremely leaking, your family's health will be at risk. Therefore, if you experience widespread leaking in your home, you shouldn't hesitate to hire a residential roofing contractor to replace your roof. 

Your Shingles Are Deteriorating

As your residential roof nears the end of its useful life, some of its shingles will get blown away by the wind. The shingles may also get damaged beyond repair. Once the shingles get damaged or blown away, your roof will start leaking, which will cause water damage to the interior parts of your house, including the walls and the interior sections of the roof. When ignored, this problem will compromise the structural integrity of your entire property. Therefore, to prevent further issues, it's advisable to have your roof replaced by a residential roofing contractor as soon as possible.   

Your Sagging Roof Is Frightening

Sagging is a dangerous sign of structural failure. It is a frightening roof problem that you should never ignore. You may experience this issue if the interior parts of your roofing structure are rotten or damaged by water. The safety of your assets and family members will be at risk if you fail to take action immediately. Hiring a residential roofing contractor to replace your sagging roof is the wisest decision to make.  

Your residential roof should be in excellent condition all year long to keep your family and belongings safe from burglars or harsh weather. Investing in routine maintenance will keep your roof in tiptop shape for many years. However, if it is damaged beyond repair or its useful life is over, hiring an experienced residential roofing contractor to replace it is the wisest decision to make.

For more information, contact a residential roofing specialist in your area.