Window Contractor Services to Help Update Openings for Your Renovations

The renovations you are planning for your home may include updating the window openings. Window contractors can help with many different projects to update the openings in your home. They can do repairs, install replacements, and much more. The following window services are some of the things you may need help with:

Repairs for Damaged Frames

Sometimes, the frames around windows and doors may be damaged. Window contractors can help with most of the window and door repairs that need to be done when there is a problem. These issues are often due to wood moldings and window frames that wear and need repairs. Wood window frames will last for a long time, but you may need to have these issues repaired occasionally.

Replacement Windows

The window casings in your home may be in good shape and just need to have minor repairs done. If your casings are in good condition, you may want to consider using replacement windows. The replacement windows use the existing window frame and casing. A window service will remove the old sashes and install new units in the opening. After the replacement windows have been installed, the contractor will seal any cracks and finish up any molding that needs to be installed.

New Window Installations

Sometimes, replacement units will not work with the openings in your home. If this is the case for your home, you may need to ask about new window installations. The contractor can remove all the old casings and replace them with new units. This is a great option if you are planning on doing major remodeling and changing the design of your home. The new windows can even give you options to change sizes and add windows to areas that may need them.

Films and Glass Replacements

There are also window frames that you may want to save and find other solutions to update openings. One of the most affordable options is to use window films. There may also be occasions when glass is damaged and needs to be replaced. You can discuss options to update the windows if there is extensive damage to the glass that you need to have repaired. Glass replacement is great for historic renovations and preserving custom-built windows that you want to save.

The updates that can be done to your home's window openings can be great for renovations. Contact a home window contractor to discuss these options for your home.