The Benefits Of Patching Your Roof Instead Of Immediately Pursuing A Full Replacement

If you have an older roof that has recently lost a patch of shingles, you may be inclined to have the entire roof replaced. This is not a bad approach. However, you may want to step back and think through your options before proceeding. There are some benefits of a roof patch, and then considering a replacement a bit later on. 

You'll Save Money Upfront.

Having an entire roof replaced is a big expense. Most people either save up for a replacement or finance it. This can be hard to orchestrate at the drop of a hat when your roof suddenly suffers damage. Having the damaged area patched is far more affordable, at least in the short term. 

You May Get Faster Service.

It takes most roofing companies at least a day, if not two, to re-roof a home. As such, a roofing company may have a tough time scheduling a full roof replacement right away. They may have to put you off for a week or two. On the other hand, having a roof patched only takes a couple of hours, at most. Your roofer will likely have an easier time scheduling this service. They can get to it sooner. This is better for your roof and home. Keep in mind that you should not leave it with a patch of missing shingles for too long.

You Have Time to Shop Around.

It is necessary to have the missing shingles taken care of quickly. This leaves you little time to shop around. If you only have the roof patched for now, then you can take your time and shop around before getting a roof replacement. This will help ensure you get a better price on the replacement. It also gives you more time to consider different shingles and materials.

Your Insurance Company May Pay for It.

If the roof was damaged during a storm, your homeowners insurance company may pay for the repairs. They are less likely to pay for a replacement, although there are some exceptions to this. 

When your older roof loses a large section of shingles, it is a good idea to have it replaced. However, there is also an option to patch the missing shingles for now and then work towards a replacement in the coming months or years. Any homeowner could consider patching the roof as a temporary fix and then replacing the roof later. Get in touch with a residential roofing service for a professional opinion.