Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Roof Repair

Does your roof have significant damage following a storm? Have you noticed a loose shingle or two that needs to be repaired or replaced? Before you head up to the roof on your own, you may want to consider hiring some professional help instead. Here's why going the DIY route when it comes to your roof might not be a good idea.

You May Void Your Warranty

When your roof was installed, the materials may have been covered by a warranty that could last 20 or 30 years or perhaps even longer. However, roof warranties also come with certain criteria that the homeowner must stay on top of. The warranty likely requires that the roof receives regular maintenance and prompt repair. It may also specifically require that any repairs or maintenance work be conducted by a licensed professional. Going the DIY route may put you at risk of voiding your warranty, leaving you uncovered if a more significant incident happens to your roof in the future.

You May Cause Additional Damage

Roof repair experts have the expertise necessary to get the job done correctly the first time. Roof work is not the kind of project where you want to just wing it as you go. Not having the expertise necessary for a repair could cause additional damage to your roof. For example, you could fail at properly sealing a leak or perhaps even make it worse and this could lead to water damage inside your home.

You May Not Have the Right Equipment

The DIY repair route may save you money, however, roof work often requires specific equipment as well as safety gear if you want to get the job done right. If you have to go to the home improvement store and spend money on equipment before you can even begin work, you might not realize any savings compared to just hiring a professional instead. The professional you hire can respond quickly and will already have the equipment needed to get the job done right away.

You May Risk Your Safety

Moving around on top of your roof is dangerous. Even if you have a spotter, all it might take is one bad step for things to go in a bad direction. When you hire a professional roofer, you can stay safely on the ground below while the roofer does something they have lots of previous experience handling safely.

Given the above reasons you should avoid making a DIY roof repair, reach out to a local roofer near you to get the job done correctly.