Start Fresh: Why Get Your Roof Cleaned This Spring

Now that the weather is warmer, it's time to get started on the spring cleaning. If you're making a list of projects to tackle, don't forget about the roof. Your roof gets exposed to a lot of harmful elements, especially during the winter. That's why it's a good idea to clean your roof when the weather warms up. Not sure about the benefits of a clean roof? Read the list below. You'll find four reasons to clean your roof this spring. 

Keep Your House Cool

If you haven't had your roof cleaned yet, now's the time to do it. Summer temperatures are going to get hot. When they do, you'll want your home to stay as cool as possible. One way to do that is to get your roof cleaned. You might not realize it, but a clean roof can help keep your home cool during the summer.

Dirty roofs can lock in mildew and moisture. Both those issues can cause your roof to heat up during the summer. And, that leads to warmer temperatures inside your home. Removing the dirt will help keep your house cool. That way, you'll save money on cooling bills, and you'll stay comfortable. 

Remove Winter Grime

If winter weather left your roof looking worse for wear, it's time to schedule a cleaning. Winter weather can leave your roof with water stains and algae growth. Unfortunately, winter grime won't wash away on its own. The grime will keep getting worse. If the grime gets too thick, it can damage your roof. That's why you need to call a roofer right away. A roofer will clean your roof and remove the winter grime. 

Reduce Roof Odors

If your attic smells dank and musty right now, the problem might be coming from the roof. Moisture, algae, and pests can leave your roof with some serious odors. Unfortunately, those odors seep through the roofing material into your attic. Once the odors get into the attic, they'll spread throughout your house. No amount of indoor cleaning will remove roof odors from your house. That's where roof cleaning comes into the picture. Roof cleaning will remove the odor-causing issues that affect indoor air quality. 

Locate Problems

If you haven't had your roof inspected in a few years, it's a good idea to get that done as soon as possible. But, don't settle on a roof inspection. Get your roof cleaned first. Cleaning your roof will let the roofer see problems that might have been covered by dirt and algae. 

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