Six Rules To Follow When Scheduling Your Fireplace Installation

You need to put careful thought into choosing a day when your fireplace installation can be carried out. The following are six rules to follow when scheduling your fireplace installation

Discuss how long installation will take with your fireplace installation service beforehand

The amount of time a fireplace takes to install can vary from anywhere between one day and seven days. Your fireplace installation service should be able to give you a good idea of how long the entire installation will take beforehand so that you can mark the installation days out on your schedule and plan ahead. 

Ask your fireplace installation service if your home needs any preparation work done

In some cases, a home may need ventilation upgrades, electrical wiring work, or gas line work before fireplace installation can begin. You should discuss any needed preparation work with your fireplace installation service so that your home is completely ready on installation day. 

Make sure there won't be anything else going on in your home on installation day

Don't schedule your fireplace installation for any days on which there will be activities going on in your home that might interfere with installation work. Installation work could be noisy and distracting, so try to pick days when most of your household members will be occupied elsewhere if possible. 

Let all your household members know about the fireplace installation date

Fireplace installation can impact the everyday activities of your household members. That's why you should make sure that everyone living in your home knows when the installation will take place and can plan accordingly. 

Make sure that you're present or available during installation

Your fireplace installation service may have to reach you on installation day. If you can't be present at your property while installation is going on, make sure that you pay attention to any phone calls from your installation company so that you can respond to questions immediately. This will prevent delays as your fireplace is installed. 

Be aware of any permit requirements before you decide on an installation day

In most municipalities, it's necessary to acquire one or several permits before fireplace installation can begin in area homes. You'll probably need a permit for the fireplace installation itself, and also for any gas line work that needs to be completed as part of the project.

Discuss permit needs with your fireplace installation service and acquire needed permits right away so that you're meeting legal and building code requirements.