Roof Repairs Should Be Done As Soon As Possible By Your Roofing Contractor Before Damage Spreads

If your roof has damage, it's best to have repairs done soon, even if the damage is minor, or the roof might start leaking and cause the damage to spread. It's generally unsafe to go on the roof yourself to make repairs, especially if your slope is very steep. Instead, call a roofer who can make repairs and also check your roof over for damage you may have missed. Here's a look at how the process might work.

Get An Estimate

The first step is getting an estimate for the cost. The roof repair contractor will probably go up on your roof to look around and make notes on damage they find. They might even take some photos so you can see the damage yourself.

Once the roofer has obtained enough information, they can work up an estimate of the cost. Ask how long the estimate is good for if you need time to think about it or gather money together. Once you've decided to go ahead with the roof repairs, the roofer can order supplies if needed and set a date for the work to be done.

If the repairs are minor, the roofer might do the work the same day. If you need to wait for days, the roofer might recommend putting a blue roof tarp on your roof to protect it from rain while you wait on repairs to be done.

Make Repairs

Roof repairs take on many forms. The roofer might need to replace the shingles only as long as the deck is still in good shape. When shingles are crooked or cracked, rain can roll underneath them and get the deck wet. If the deck has water damage, the roofer has to take off the shingles and underlayment to get down to the deck to replace it.

A leak that's gone on for a long time may cause the deck to get saggy, and that's a serious situation that needs to be fixed by an experienced roofer since walking on the deck could be dangerous.

Besides repairing damage to the deck, underlayment, and shingles, the roofer might need to repair a skylight or seal it to keep it from leaking. They might also need to replace cracked rubber boots or corroded flashing.

The types of roof repairs needed depend on the reason for the damage. Old age, strong winds, sun exposure, poor ventilation, and hail all damage asphalt shingle roofing in their own ways. A roof repair contractor can handle all types of roof damage except in the case where the damage is so widespread and bad that a new roof is needed instead.

For more information on roof repair, contact a company near you.