What You Should Know Before Installing Solar Panels On Your Home

Your home's roof is an excellent place for solar panel installation if your home meets the requirements. Some things make a difference in the type, number, and position of the panels that could play a role in your decision to add solar to your house.

Solar Panel Position

One of the biggest concerns with any solar panel installation is the position required to get the most out of the array. The best position for solar collection is to ensure the panels face the south, so they spend all day in the sun. 

The area to the south of the home should also be clear of trees that could block the sun, but keep in mind that can add to summer heat gain because the sun will also hit that part of the home all day. While an array may work facing east and west, they will not get nearly the sun exposure on them, and placing the array on a north-facing roof will typically not collect enough sun to make the cost of the solar panel installation worthwhile.

If you do not have a south-facing roof on your home, the alternative is to use a garage roof or set up a ground stand that can be positioned to get the most out of the panels you have. The solar contractor you are working with can go over the property and help you find the best spot, and if tree removal is needed, you can have a tree service clear the area for you. 

Roof Mounting Panels

Solar panel installation on the roof of a house is becoming very common, but before the contractor starts the installation, they need to check the structure to ensure it can hold the panels safely. Solar panels installed in a large array can be heavy, and if there are too many in one spot on an old roof, it could damage the structure. 

The solar contractor will look at the joists supporting the roof to ensure they are in good shape, and then they can start adding the hardware and solar panels to collect the amount of energy you need for your home. Most large homes can not depend on solar alone for power unless the array is very large, so it is vital to discuss the power needs and the collection potential with the solar company before any work begins. 

Many solar panel installation companies can also put in the storage system and the necessary electrical components to run the house on solar when installing the panels. If there is something special you want to do with the service, you need to discuss it with the contractor so they can accommodate the location or layout of the solar controls and storage for you. 

For more information on solar panel installation, contact a professional near you.