Three Creative And Practical Modifications To Make When Replacing Your Roof

Getting your roof replaced affords you some flexibility when deciding on big changes. Preparing for solar, adding skylights, or even installing a green roof is all more easily managed during the replacement process and can add efficiency and aesthetic value to your home.

Install Solar

When making big changes to your roof, one effective way to improve its efficiency is to add solar. There are a few different ways you can do this, and the best option for you can depend on factors like the direction your roof catches the most light, the climate in your area, and what, if any, changes need to be made to your roof to allow for solar installation.

The two main options are solar panels and solar shingles, each with advantages and disadvantages. Solar panels tend to have a lower up-front cost but are bulkier and not as aesthetically pleasing, while shingles are pricier up front and more costly to maintain but can catch light where larger panels can't be installed.

If you plan to install solar or want to explore your options, talk to your roofing contractor before the replacement process begins. Some things may need to be changed to accommodate future solar setups, such as the placement of vents, and the roof replacement process is the best time to make these alterations.

Add Skylights

Skylights also make great additions to your home and can add plenty of natural light and bring in natural heat, making your home more energy efficient in several ways. There are several different types of skylights, so you don't necessarily need a specific type of roof to have one installed. For example, you can have fixed skylights installed in different shapes and sizes or install an adjustable one instead. You can also choose different styles, so while you might like the traditional fixed skylight, you can also install tubed models which are smaller and are thus better for smaller areas like hallways.

Skylights can have some disadvantages or risks, such as the increased risk of leaks or higher costs to repair if they are damaged. However, many of these risks can be mitigated if you have them installed first by roofing professionals.

Make It Green

Living green roofs have a variety of benefits. On top of adding beauty to your home and yard, green roofs absorb plenty of heat that would otherwise come into your house, offset the urban heat island effect, and retain extra moisture, thereby reducing water runoff. While green roofs are often installed on very small slopes, they can be installed on roofs with slopes as well, though it may take a little extra work.

Like adding solar, these tend to come with more of an up-front cost, but when installed in tandem with a brand new roof, you can expect a similar lifespan to a more traditional roof. If you have some flexibility in your budget, a green roof might be worth seriously exploring.

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