Considering Cool Roofing? Key Things You Should Understand

When you're ready to install new roofing on your home, you might be considering the cool roofing trend and the benefits that it could offer. However, for those homeowners who have never dealt with cool roofing before, it's easy to find yourself confused by some of the misconceptions and misinformation. Here's a look at some of the things that your roofing contractor wants you to know about cool roofing before you make up your mind.

Cool Roofing Can Be Affordable

Some homeowners shy away from cool roofing out of concerns for their roofing installation budget. The fact is that cool roofing isn't as inexpensive as some roofing options, but it doesn't have to be beyond your budget. In fact, if you know how much you have to work with for your roofing project, you should reach out to your local roofing contractor and discuss ways to make a cool roof fit within your budget. Whether it means different options for materials or other changes, you can almost surely find a cool roofing option that is affordable enough for your budget.

Cool Roofing Provides Valuable Return on Investment

Because cool roofing materials reflect sunlight and ultraviolet rays back away from the roof, you'll find that your roof suffers from far less heat damage and ultraviolet ray deterioration. This allows your roof to last longer, saving you substantially over the life of the roof in repair and replacement costs. This alone can net you a valuable financial return when you calculate those savings over the life of your new roof.

Those aren't the only savings you'll recognize, either. Cool roofing reduces your home's climate control costs throughout the summer months by minimizing the additional heat transfer into your home. When your roof doesn't absorb the heat from the sun, your home doesn't suffer from the heat transfer that follows. This reduces your energy costs, saving you even more.

Cool Roofing Requires Minimal Maintenance

Since cool roofing is designed with a reflective barrier, it also is far less susceptible to many of the hazards of traditional roofing. You won't suffer from shingle granule loss, roofing shingle damage, or similar types of issues. In fact, you won't even notice a marked change in the cooling benefits of the roof when it's dirty. Despite that, it's still in your best interest to have the roof inspected and cleaned once a year just to keep it functioning at its peak.

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