Three Risks Associated With Procrastinating Commercial Roof Repairs

Many people tend to think that commercial roof repair is needed as a result of significant storms or natural disasters. However, the truth of the matter is that commercial roof repair is generally needed due to minor damage that has been left to sit and worsen over a period of time. Unfortunately, this type of damage can reduce your roof's lifespan. Plus, it can cause your repair costs to be considerably higher than if the minor damage would have simply been addressed early on. By leaving commercial roof damage untreated, here are a few problems that you are potentially facing.

Liability Risk

When the structural integrity of your commercial roof is compromised, there is a very good chance that water can seep into the building and leak onto your floors and equipment. This can lead to the potential for a slip-and-fall accident that creates a legal liability or worker's compensation claim. In addition, moisture inside of the building can cause the growth of mildew and mold, creating health issues for both employees and customers.

Damaged Property

When you have a minor leak, many people tend to just place a bucket underneath the drip to catch the water. However, the problem with this is that there is unseen damage that can result in sudden damage that can be costly. For instance, when moisture seeps inside of your building or the roof caves in, any inventory or equipment inside is at risk of suffering serious damage.

Pest Infestation

If there is any kind of perforation in your commercial roof, then there is a risk of small animals and pests infiltrating your facility. As soon as insects and/or small nesting animals make their way into your building, you can have a huge problem on your hands. This problem will not only potentially cause additional damage to your building and property (other than what has already occurred to the roof itself), but you are looking at expensive and time-consuming removal.

Contact a Professional Commercial Roofing Company

The problem with commercial roof damage is that it isn't also visible to the human eye, which is why many roofing companies will use specialized infrared equipment to identify minor and even extensive damage. However, in order for this damage to be detected early on, it is up to commercial business owners to schedule annual inspections and keep an eye out for any signs of potential issues so that they can be caught before they become significant. If you have or suspect you have a minor problem with your commercial roof, there is likely further damage that you cannot see. Contact a commercial roofer near you today.