Dangers of Understating the Importance of Residential Chimney Services

Contrary to popular belief, chimneys do not solely function to add charm to one's roofing. Instead, this structure comes with a fireplace, which works to keep your home warm without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money on artificial heating. Moreover, a fireplace adds character to your interiors while also providing you with an easy way to create a romantic ambiance whenever you need to.

But to make the most of your fireplace, the chimney needs to be in optimum condition. Failure to enlist chimney services regularly will not only make your fireplace dangerous, as harmful gases will not be directed out of your home, but you also risk the chance of having to engage in extensive chimney repairs. If you are not convinced, keep reading for a few of the dangers of understating the importance of residential chimney services.

Accumulation of creosote

You could be under the impression that the only by-product of burning wood is smoke but this is incorrect. Another by-product that can be incredibly dangerous is creosote. This compound comprises both soot as well as a tar-like substance that is usually brown or black. What some homeowners do know about creosote is that this compound is highly flammable. Hence, when left to collect inside your chimney, even a tiny spark could ignite it. As a result, you can have a chimney fire on your hands.

In the worst-case scenario, the fire could spread to the rest of your house. The second risk posed by creosote is damaging the venting capabilities of your chimney, which leads to carbon monoxide filtering into your home. To avoid irreparable damage to your house or carbon monoxide poisoning in your home, you must enlist chimney services on a scheduled basis.

Formation of obstructions

When you leave your chimney unattended for a prolonged period, it will quickly become a haven for pests. Birds, for example, will try and nest in areas that they feel safe. The hollow nature of your chimney coupled with its walls will make it an ideal nesting spot for these critters and before you know it, the bird lays eggs and before you know it, you have an entire flock of birds living on your roof.

The nests not only block the flow of smoke out of your home but the bird droppings will corrode the internal lining of the chimney and this warrants its replacement. Furthermore, bird droppings can also make their way into the chimney flue and this will also lead to premature rusting that would result in its failure. To avoid any complications, it is best to hire residential chimney cleaning services on a routine basis.