Roofing Services That Keep Your Roof in Good Repair

An important roofing service you may need periodically is a roof checkup. If you cannot get to the top of your roof to inspect it, you can try inspecting it from the ground, but some parts of your roof are difficult to see, and you wouldn't want roof damage to go unnoticed. Here are some ways a roofing service can check your roof and let you know if it needs repairs.

Use A Drone To Check Hidden Places

A roof inspection drone is often used in formal roof inspections, so if you just want a simple checkup, your roofer may not bring out a drone. However, a drone is handy for looking in places that are difficult for a roofer to reach and inspect personally. Plus, a drone can take measurements of your roof, and the software that goes along with the drone can calculate how much roofing material you'll need if the roofer suggests replacing your roof.

Visually Inspect Roof Pipes

Roof pipes should be inspected now and again, but they are hard to see from the ground. A roofer can climb up on your roof and examine the pipe, metal flashing, and rubber collar up close. This is an important step since the rubber collar often deteriorates due to sun exposure, so it won't usually last as long as your roof does.

If the rubber crumbles away, your roof might start leaking. If the roofer finds problems with the collar or metal flashing, they can remove it and replace it with new material so the pipe doesn't leak.

Check For Leaks Around The Chimney

The flashing around the chimney is another place that's often difficult to spot leaks. The flashing is the metal pieces that surround the chimney. They have to be installed a particular way so rain rolls down them rather than leak underneath them.

If wind lifts the flashing, or if a tiny rust hole develops, rain might get in your attic and cause water damage. A roofer can usually make flashing out of pieces of sheet metal and replace flashing that's damaged and leaking.

Look Around Skylights For Leaks

If your roof has a skylight or solar tube, the area where it comes through the roof should be checked regularly for leaking. These are sealed with flashing, caulk, and roofing cement. However, these can deteriorate due to rain and UV exposure. Something as easy as pulling out brittle caulk and replacing it with new caulk could be enough to prevent a water leak around a skylight.

Check The Shingles

You can keep a pretty good eye on your shingles from the ground as long as you can view all of them. Shingles in hidden places might get damaged by debris, raccoons, or storms and you wouldn't know it. One of the more important roofing services you can have done regularly is to check the shingles on your roof.

A roofer can see cracks, bruises, and blisters when they're up close. Finding these damaged shingles is important so they can be repaired or replaced. When you keep up with roof repairs, you might stop a leak before it starts, or at least stop it before it causes a lot of water damage to your home.

For more information, contact a local roofing service near you to learn more.