Repairing Issues With Your Roofing When Leaks Start To Cause Damage

There are several issues with roofing that can cause leaks. Sometimes, these issues get overlooked until they cause more severe damage. When this happens, your home will probably need extensive repairs. The following information will help you identify the problems with your roof that are causing damage to your home:

Wind Damage In Vulnerable Areas

There are several ways winds can cause damage to roofing materials. These problems often happen due to an area of shingles that is exposed to the wind. If the air can get beneath the tabs of the shingles, it can cause damage. The shingles may have tears, or there may be some that are missing. To prevent problems with damage due to winds, make sure that any exposed edges of shingles are well-sealed and attached to the roof. This can be done by using roofing cement to glue any edges down where wind can get beneath the shingles, such as at the ridge caps.

Leaks in Areas with Excessive Runoff

Sometimes, problems with excessive runoff cause wear of shingles in certain areas. This eventually leads to shingle wear that may be the cause of leaks. Some of the areas that may have excessive shingle wear include valleys and areas where there is a lot of runoff. When you are repairing leaks and damage in these areas, consider reinforcing them with a membrane flashing to prevent leaks from causing damage to your home.

Damage From Punctures and Tears

There are also issues with punctures that you may need to have repaired. Sometimes the punctures can be minor issues that go unnoticed until there is severe damage. The problem with punctures and tears is that they often start as minor leaks until the damage is severe. Therefore, whenever you are doing maintenance to your roof, you want to look for these issues and repair them before they get worse.

Weathering of Shingles At Eaves and Overhangs

The eaves and overhangs of your roof are also areas where the shingles are vulnerable to damage. This can happen due to dams that form from debris or snow and ice during the winter months. The worn shingles may start to leaks, which can cause water damage at the eaves that goes unnoticed for long periods of time.

The damage to asphalt shingles will get worse and grow over time. Contact a roof repair service for help dealing with these issues to prevent further damage to your home.